This fall I will be traveling to a bunch of different cities so I thought it'd be fun to start a blog series of my favorite things I did along, with shots I took while I was there!

This past Monday I was in Chicago with one of my close friends, Kimberly.  We spent our day together exploring and catching up!

We took an architectural tour of the city by boat and it was so, so cool! You go along the river and the tour guide explains the buildings throughout the city- what their purpose is, the design of them, and a back story of the architect! It was a really unique experience and something I'd recommend to anyone visiting Chicago! We took a tour our tour on Wendella Boats.

Kimberly  rocking her Clothed in Strength tank!

Kimberly  rocking her Clothed in Strength tank!

After we finished the tour we grabbed coffee and snacks from Peet's Coffee & Tea and walked around the city before grabbing popcorn at Garrett's! If you are in Chicago you NEED to make sure you stop in at Garrett's. Their popcorn is so delicious and they have a crazy combination that will rock your socks.

This trip was really quick and flew by, but I'm hoping to have more content and fun things to share with you in future posts! I'll be back in Chicago the first week of October and can't wait to explore it more. Do you have any places in Chicago you'd recommend? Share your favorites with me!