2017 is going to  be the year of balance for me. For so long I've been searching for balance but I've never truly found it. Truth is, I haven't been really searching for anything that has to do with balance. I've been chasing my tail in circles, taking on more than I can handle, and calling that the search for balance.

Maybe it's a coming of age thing- this balance. Or maybe it's a goal everyone always talks about having but they're not really searching hard enough to find.

Recently I have realized how important finding balance is. How important it is for me, my marriage, and my life. For my family, my friends, and everyone who is important in my life.

The problem with my searches for balance beforehand was that I was never willing to slow down. I wanted to keep pushing myself to this level of rock bottom- still taking on more than I could handle, getting five hours of sleep a night and never actually take a step back to find the balance I've been searching so long to find.

So, I'm giving it another try.

I have realized in the past month how important it is for me to stop. Stop overloading my platter, stop running around from one thing to another- then back to the other, and stop stressing myself out with too much of everything.

So, I am stepping back. I am going to put myself, my husband and marriage, and my family at the front of everything and start removing items in my life that are causing me to be this crazy wild, always on the go person.

This could possibly be the hardest thing I'll ever do, y'all. Because I love being crazy busy. I love being constantly on the move and I thrive on the stress of having deadlines. But, it's gotten out of hand.

I've realized lately that I haven't been the person to my husband that he needs because I've been selfish in wanting my own things instead of things for us. I've waken up at 4:30 some mornings and spent the whole day running around, then coming home and working and not taken the time to truly spend quality time with him that our marriage needs. Especially during this time of the year when he's home and available to spend it with me.

We've worked so hard to reach our goal of playing in the NFL and now I'm working too hard and not being able to enjoy this amazing opportunity, and all of the opportunities that come with it because I'm focusing on outer things that aren't as important as my husband and marriage.

I can see my mom smiling. Mostly because she knows she's right. There ya go, mom. You were right.

As for Bourbon Oak Tree I will still be creating films and doing photography for my clients!

I will not be on social media as much, though, as that is where I'm choosing to step back from in search of balance. I will start using my personal platform (@c_brandie) for all of my photography- personal, lifestyle, wedding, film, etc. So, go give your girl a follow on that Instagram platform.

A few more things I'm going to start doing to find balance are:

  • Getting, and perfecting, a morning schedule. Giving myself time to reflect and plan for the day/week ahead.
  • Taking time to Pat and I
  • Disconnecting while we're together- no phones, no laptop, ultimately, no working!
  • Planning social media and blog posts. This will help me stay on top of things while also not having to stress about them.
  • Being consistent with my workouts and taking care of my health
  • R E L A X I N G and making a constant effort to- even if it's just half an hour before I go to bed

Have you found balance? If so, how did you achieve it?

I'll let you guys know how this goes!