Hey, everyone! I'm Brandie!


Thank you so much for joining me and visiting my brand new site! First and foremost I want to tell you more about me! 

Aside from being the owner of Bourbon Oak Tree Photography & Films I am a writer, animal lover, and Pure Barre instructor! I love trying new things, coffee dates at any time throughout the day, and meeting new people. I am passionate about everything I put my mind to and believe we should all love this amazing life with everything we have.

Q & A's:

Favorite Color- Hot pink!

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you? Anywhere with an amazing beach!

Gut feeling- Lately I want to run away to the country... no, like really... 

Spirit Animal- A killer whale. No doubt, I'm obsessed.

Favorite music genre- I listen to a little bit of everything, but I'm a fool for some good Texas country! My favorite artist ever is Miranda Lambert... she's to die for.

Favorite Song(s)- New Strings by Miranda Lambert, Fast Car by Tracy Chapman & She Is by Lady Antebellum

How did you get started? Ever since I can remember I've loved cameras and capturing things. My grandfather was a photographer for the Navy so I swear it's in my blood. I remember as a kid asking for a new camera for every holiday... my poor parents, ha! My dad gave me my first DSLR for my 21st birthday and I haven't turned back since! It was honestly the best gift I've ever been given- thanks, Dad!

Why do you love capturing weddings? Oh my gosh. I could write about this forever, but, I will keep it as short as possible! I love doing wedding films because I'm able to capture the emotions of the day and give them to the bride and groom to cherish forever. There are so many feelings and emotions throughout the day that you quickly, and easily, forget, so being able to create a film to help the bride and groom recall all of the emotions is something I'll never take for granted.

I love photographing weddings because I'm able to put the most amazing day of your life into a capsule for you!

My job is truly amazing.

Where do you live? Dallas! I am so in love with Texas and can't imagine ever living anywhere else

Do you travel for weddings? YES! I love traveling and will travel anywhere with you for your special day! 

What other types of photography do you do? I do birth stories, portraits, and lifestyle sessions. Recently I started doing birth stories and I have fallen head over heels in love with them- the ability to capture a baby's first breath and scream is truly something I'll never take for granted. It gives me chills just thinking about a family meeting their new family member(s)!