If I could do one thing in this life it would be to capture a birth story every day. Capturing birth stories is one of my passions, and they are where my gift of photography truly shines. I live for the candid images between you and your spouse throughout the process of bringing your new tiny love into the world.

I love the simplicity, clean and crisp images, and nothing brings me more joy than giving such a monumental gift to a family. 


I love capturing birth stories because it is something that will only occur once- no matter how many babies you have every single delivery is different and so special because you’re getting to meet your new family member for the first time as it enters the world. There is nothing better than being able to capture the day, emotions leading up to the birth, and the excitement of a new child for families so they can hold onto the day forever. Being able to capture a baby’s first cry, first embrace with mom, or a father’s face while he overlooks them are some of my favorite moments in my career. I promise you, even an 18 hour labor will go by so quickly, having me to be there and capture the little moments and sweet embraces is so worth it and something you will always cherish.